Dr Tim’s One & Only Saltwater - 4oz

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Dr Tim’s One & Only Saltwater - 4oz

  • Eliminates new tank syndrome
  • Instantly creates a biofilter
  • Removes toxic ammonia and nitrite, naturally
  • No sulfur or other offensive odors
  • No wait needed
  • 100% natural

Once open it is best to keep refrigerated for longest shelf life.

Minimum dose 10 ml per 10 gallons of aquarium water – Shake before use

One & Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria prevents new tank syndrome by instantly working to establish a biofilter in newly set-up aquaria. Use One & Only to control ammonia and nitrite levels.

Use One & Only when setting up a new tank, after a water change, cleaning your filter, when adding new fish and after a disease treatment to control ammonia and nitrite.

The key to setting up a successful aquarium is to quickly convert the fish waste to a non-toxic form. This is done by nitrifying bacteria. Under normal conditions it can take 30 to 45 days for these bacteria to become naturally established in a newly set-up aquarium. Unfortunately, during this time period, ammonia and nitrite can increase to levels toxic to fish – a process called New Tank Syndrome. For years, it was assumed that two particular species of nitrifying bacteria were responsible for this process but original scientific research by Dr. Timothy Hovanec showed this not to be the case. This is one reason why nitrification products have failed to work in the past.

Our nitrifying bacteria are the result of the latest scientific research and are used by public aquariums and professionals around the world.

What is One & Only Nitrifying Bacteria?

One & Only Nitrifying Bacteria is the latest mixture of nitrifying bacteria by Dr Timothy Hovanec. There are formulations available for freshwater aquaria, saltwater aquaria, reef, nano, and seahorse aquaria, and koi ponds and water gardens. One & Only will quickly establish a functioning biological filter in your aquarium, allowing you to immediately add fish to your tank.

What will One & Only do for me?

One & Only is designed for one job – to quickly establish a biofilter in your newly set-up aquarium so that your fish do not experience New Tank Syndrome (NTS), which is when the water contains such high levels of ammonia and/or nitrite that your fish die. One & Only does this by containing species of ammonia- and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria that prefer to live in the fish tank environment. One & Only is not a sludge buster nor will One & Only remove nitrate. One & Only will maintain ammonia and nitrite below toxic concentrations and establish a fully functioning biological filter in less than half the time of a similar but non-dosed aquarium.

How should One & Only be added to the aquaria?

Before adding One & Only to your tank, make sure the water has been dechlorinated. Research has shown that One & Only can be safely used with DrTim’s Aquatics’ AquaCleanse tapwater detoxifier. Other dechlorinators can be used but some are actually harmful to One & Only: do not use any product that contains aldehydes in its formula. UV-sterilizers and protein skimmers should be turned off before adding One & Only and remain off for 36-48 hours after dosing.

It is important to shake the bottle well before adding One & Only. If you see only a clear liquid you have not shaken One & Only well enough. Pour the One & Only over the biological filter media in your biofilter. If you do not have dedicated filter media it is fine to pour the liquid into the fish tank water.

When should One & Only be added?

One & Only should be added after the tank has been set up. At this point the water should have reached the proper temperature and have been dechlorinated. Start the filter and make sure it is functioning and then add One & Only. Fish should be added within 24 hours of adding One & Only nitrifying bacteria. An alternative to adding fish is to add some ammonia to the water.

How is One & Only different from other bacterial additives?

One & Only Nitrifying Bacteria is different than other bacterial mixes on the market today for a variety of reasons:
• It is the only mixture currently available to the hobbyist that is grown and certified by Dr. Timothy A. Hovanec,
• The ammonia- and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria in One & Only are grown together as a microbial community of bacteria which means they work together more effectively.
• The bacteria in One & Only are grown on a microstructure, not as “free” cells in water, which helps the bacteria stay active for a longer time period.

When should I use One & Only?

Use One & Only when setting up a new tank and after major environmental changes to your aquarium. Examples of major changes include a disease treatment with antibiotics or chemicals that are harmful to the nitrifying bacteria, after a major gravel cleaning which can disturb the bacteria on the gravel and after a failure of the filter.

Can One & Only be used for fishless cycling?

Yes, but there is no real reason to do fishless cycling with One & Only. However, if you choose to go that route you need to add ammonia to the water after dosing the One & Only because the bacteria need some source of ammonia to start growing a bigger population. Dose ammonia to an initial concentration of 2 to 4 ppm which should disappear quickly, with nitrate increasing a little then disappearing. Dose one or two more times with ammonia and after your test kits show no ammonia and nitrite, it is safe to start adding fish.

I have a Brackish water tank – which bacteria is for me?

The choice of whether to use the Freshwater One & Only or the Saltwater One & Only bacteria in a brackish water tank depends upon the salinity (or specific gravity [S.G.]) of your water.

If your salinity is less than 10 ppt (1.007 S.G.) then use the freshwater formula.

If your salinity is greater than 10 ppt (1.007 S.G.) then use the saltwater formula.