Aquatik Branching Rock #12

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Aquatik Replica Reef Rock is a sustainable alternative to ocean mined rock and is the next step towards sustainable reef keeping.

Each piece of rock is hand made, with stunning natural shapes and sizes, making this rock some of the most natural rock on the market.

Aquascaping with the Aquatik Reef Rock is a breeze. Each piece allows for easy scapes, such as natural caves, ridges, islands and more

Unlike other rocks on the market, the Aquatik Reef Rock is super lightweight, even lighter than natural coral rock, meaning it cannot be compared by kg as like other types of rocks.

This is down to the unrivalled porous nature of the rock, making this 2.5x the volume for the same weight.

Looks as good as the real thing and creates a reef scape in minutes

Aquatik Reef Rock Features:

• Hand made by reef communities for Aquatik from natural materials
• Highly porous for superior surface area to house bacterial bacteria
• pH neutral - perfect for marine and reef aquariums
• Will not leach nitrates and phosphates
• Since it comes dry, there is no chance of pests or unwanted algae.

Aquatik Branching Rock #12 Sizing: 25 x 17 x 10cm

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