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The Aquatik Reef Peninsula Aquarium are a series of quality built, rimless glass aquariums, that sit on a modern, tempered glass front cabinet, featuring a super strong aluminium interior bracing system. Our aquariums can be used in saltwater and freshwater applications.

Each unit is shipped with an assembled cabinet, featuring a super large sump – meaning even more room for the hobbyist. Each sump also comes with sump covers, reducing evaporation and salt creep. Each cover comes with cut-outs for common aquarium hardware, such as skimmers or reactors.

Filter socks come standard in our aquariums, as well as a built in, gravity fed auto top off system, allowing for more accurate control over the salinity of your saltwater aquarium.

Cable management is also super easy with our systems, thanks to the built in Powercenter.

These and many more features help to create the most consumer friendly, affordable aquarium ever

Aquatik Reef Peninsula Aquarium Features:

Ultra Clear Glass

We use high quality low iron glass on our all our aquariums. Allowing for a better, clear viewing experience.

Silent Overflow System

Our systems run silent - we do this by a unique overflow system, which prevents the traditional 'gurgling' that tends to happen with most overflows. Each system also comes with unique overflow caps, which guarantee a silent operation.

High Quality Cabinets

Our cabinets come with aluminium interior bracing, resulting in a strong, ready assembled cabinet.

In Sump Cabinet Lighting

Our in-sump lighting makes working in the sump a breeze. The LED light bar helps you see exactly what you're doing - making for a safer, more productive way to work 'under the hood'.

Built in Powercentre

Our built in 4 or 6 plug powercentre allows cable management to be easy. Available on all our models as a standard feature.

Built in Auto Top Off

Maintain salinity your reef aquariums with our built in, gravity fed auto top off system.

A Unique Overflow System

Our unique overflow system reduces the noise our aquariums produce, with the ball valve allowing for finer water flow adjustment.

Sump Covers

Reduce evaporation and noise with our sump covers, that include cut outs to house common aquarium hardware such as reactors and skimmers.

Cabinet Levelling Feet

The Aquatik Cabinet design features levelling feet - allowing for easier levelling of your aquarium.

No Assembly Required

We don't believe in kitsets - thats why each Aquatik System is delivered to you assembled. Meaning all you need to do, is unbox, level, put the display tank on-top of the cabinet, join up the plumbing unions then fill with water. Easy as!

Aquatik Aquarium Specifications

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