Blueface Angelfish

Blueface Angelfish

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The Blueface Angelfish, Pomacanthus xanthometopon, is sometimes referred to as the Blue-Face Angel, Bluefaced Angelfish, Yellowface Angel, Yellowfaced Angelfish, and Yellowmask Angel. Given its combination of common names, the Blueface Angel features a striking blue and yellow face with luxurious blue striping across its face. Its body is often a silvery white color with black lattice-work and its tail is a bright yellow with a dark black spot. This truly is one of the most beautiful angelfish species available in the marine trade. 
The Blueface Angel will need to be paid a good bit of attention to thrive in the home aquarium. Blueface Angel care facts include: 
  • Must be kept in a tank of at least 150 gallons with plenty of live rock hiding places 
  • Will need a varied diet multiple times per day 
  • Blueface Angels should be kept away from soft corals, clam mantles, and sessile inverts as they are prone to nip at those organisms 
  • They are best kept singly as they can become territorial with other Blueface Angel species
Like many angelfish species, the Blueface will go through a distinct maturation phase. As a juvenile, the Blueface Angel will actually resemble a Koran Angel with a dark blue and black body and beautiful white vertical striping. Then, the angel will go through a unique Changing phase where some features are indiciative of an adult Blueface and others resembling the juvenile. 
This species is one of the most popular angelfish for its sheer elegance and beauty. Undoubtedly this will be the centerpiece of your tank and will thrive if cared for properly. 

Important: Due to the size of the fish, we advise strongly that the fish will either need to be airfreighted to the customer, or the customer picks the fish up from our Gisborne facilities. Please avoid using the overnight courier service due to the size of this fish. 

Approximate size: 15-17cm across.

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