Ornate Leopard Wrasse

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The Ornate Leopard Wrasse, Macropharyngodon ornatus, is a uniquely beautiful fish with a black/green body speckled with yellow/gold dots. The Ornate Leopard Wrasse is one of the few wrasse species that can be housed successfully with members of its own species. If this is done, there should be one dominant male and multiple females. 
The Ornate Leopard Wrasse should be housed in a tank with at least 2 inches of soft sandy substrate and plentiful supply of live rockwork allowing for the wrasse to burrow and hide. A tightly secured lid should also be kept on the tank to prevent escape. 
The Ornate Leopard Wrasse feeds mainly on a carnivorous diet, including frozen mysis and brine. The Ornate Leopard Wrasse has been known to do a unique "dance" to stave off potential predators. This fish is not for beginner aquarists. The Ornate Leopard Wrasse is fickle and should be kept only by experienced aquarists.

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