Herald's Angelfish

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Other Common Names
False Lemonpeel Angelfish, Yellow Angelfish
Species Description

Often times confused with the Lemonpeel Angelfish, the Herald's Angelfish lacks the characteristic blue markings around the eyes, gill plates and caudal fins of C. flavissima. It is a very common Angelfish found in Indo-Pacific waters and will do well in an established aquarium utilizing live rock for filtration or decoration.

The Herald's Angelfish is extremely aggressive towards its own species and towards fish with similar coloration or shape, especially the Lemonpeel Angelfish. It will do well in a community aquarium with peaceful or semi-aggressive fish as long as it is added close to last. It is likely to pick at stony and soft corals but will completely ignore non-sessile invertebrates such as shrimp and crabs. The best way to keep this fish with coral is to keep it well fed and purchase small or medium sized individuals.

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