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The Keloray AR150 is a new generation ceiling lamp designed and designed to best illuminate a type of marine aquarium.

It is equipped with an integrated touch controller and, above all, a dedicated smartphone application that can be customized to your liking.


The AR150 is equipped with 2 clusters with latest generation LEDs organized in 6 dedicated channels:

  1. white with cold light
  2. royal blue
  3. sky blue
  4. purple and UV
  5. red
  6. green

The unit features an active cooling system built in by a cooling fan that comes on automatically when the temperature exceeds the preset guard value.

The integrated touch controller allows basic operations to be performed:

     ON / OFF key for switching on / off
     channel button to browse through the various channels
     + and - keys to increase or decrease the brightness of the selected channel through successive steps


Through the App (which can be downloaded both on Google Play and on the Apple Store by searching for "Keloray for AR / AO") it is then possible to choose between 4 different modes:

     Manual: manual setting of the brightness of each individual channel
     Standard: preset light cycle
     LPS: luminous cycle designed for LPS corals
     SPS: light cycle specific for SPS

It is also possible to create, to your liking, light cycles customized to your needs with the possibility of also inserting effects that recreate the bright conditions of a cloudy or lightning sky.


Assembly and dimensions:

The AR150 ceiling light can be mounted either in a via the tank mounting bracket or in suspension using special kits supplied.

  • dimensions of the ceiling light: cm35x17x4
  • length of the vertical arm of the bordovasca support: 27cm with the possibility to select, between the appropriate holes, a height between about 13 and 25cm
  • length of the horizontal arm: 26cm with the possibility of positioning the ceiling between about 15 and 26cm
  • width of the base of the bracket support: 8cm for glass with a maximum thickness of 30mm

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