Seachem Cupramine

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Seachem Cupramine is a highly concentrated copper water treatment designed to wipe out external parasites such as white spot, within both a freshwater and marine aquarium. It can easily be removed with carbon and is safe for use with fish present. This treatment is non-acidic and is designed not to contaminate the filter bed, while being easily removed with activated carbon.

Key Features:

  • Effectively removes parasites sound in freshwater and marine aquariums
  • Easily removed with carbon
  • Safe for use with fish
  • Active at low concentration (does not precipitate)
  • Bound on amine so it is not as toxic to fish
  • Not suitable for mixed reef aquariums

Dosage: Use 1ml per 40 litres / 10.5 gallons of water. Ensure all invertebrates, UV steriliser's and chemical filtration are removed prior to use. Do not use alongside other medications.

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