Vibrant Aquarium Liquid Cleaner 16oz (473ml)

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Vibrant is a new revolutionary liquid aquarium cleaner. You can say goodbye to algae, cloudy water and that grungy, dirty aquarium and say hello to that sparkling, crystal clear, algae free, vibrant aquarium you have always wanted!

Vibrant can be very deceiving. It can make your aquarium look so clean that you will think you can skip your regular routine aquarium maintenance of filter changes and water changes. We highly recommend that you do not skip this but that you use Vibrant in conjunction with your normal aquarium routine for a happy vibrant aquarium.

Dosing Instructions

For a very well taken care of, clean aquarium, add 1ml of Vibrant per 10 gallons of aquarium water once every 2 weeks.

There is no need to discontinue the use of any filtration while using Vibrant.
Vibrant is safe with all fish, corals and invertebrates.

Vibrant works differently in every aquarium. Some people see almost instant results and some people will have to do multiple treatments for it to kick in and take over. If the first dose knocks it out, great! If not, follow the dosing schedule and sooner than later you will have a clean Vibrant tank also

Can help with Bubble Algae, Bryopsis, Cloudy Water, Spot Algae, Black Beard Algae, Cyano Bacteria, Brown & Green Algae, Diatoms, Thread Algae, String Algae +more!

Vibrant Ingredients

95% Cultured Bacteria Blend
1% Amino Acids (Aspartic Acid)
0.5% Vinegar
3.5% RO/DI Water


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