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Hanna Marine Phosphorus Ultra Low Range Checker® HC - HI736
The HI736 Checker® HC (Handheld Colorimeter) provides a simple, accurate and cost-effective way to measure phosphorus in marine systems including reef tanks. Phosphorus is an important parameter to measure in aquaculture and aquariums; levels that are too high can lead...
Hanna Marine Calcium Reagents HC - HI758-26
The Marine Calcium Checker® HC Calibration Check Set - HI758-11 provides a simple solution to validating the Marine Calcium Checker® HC - HI758 that has a range of 200 to 600 ppm calcium. This high-quality set of standards is manufactured...
Hanna Marine Phosphorus Ultra Low Range Checker Reagents HC - HI736-25
The HI736-25 are high-quality reagents that are pre-measured, allowing for users to achieve fast and accurate measurements with their Phosphorus Ultra Low Range Checker® HC. These reagents follow the Ascorbic Acid Method in which the reaction between phosphorus and reagents...
Hanna Marine High Range Nitrate Checker® HC - HI782
The HI782 Marine Nitrate High Range Colorimeter is specifically designed to quickly and accurately determine high levels of nitrate for saltwater aquariums and marine applications. With a digital read out, there is no more struggling to determine colors visually. •...
Hanna Marine Digital Refractometer for Seawater Analysis - HI96822
Used & Recommended by EasternMarine! Note: This is a special order product, and will need to be ordered in from an overseas supplier. It will take between 3-5 weeks to arrive into the country. Hanna Instruments HI98319 is a salinity...
Red Sea Potassium Test Kit
$102.99 $61.79
Red Sea Potassium Test Kit
Advanced potassium test kit includes a mini filtration kit to enhance accuracy. Red Sea Potassium Pro Test Kit takes an innovative approach to titration (color change) testing for convenient and accurate test results. Reagent solution is filtered and incorporated into...
$102.99 $61.79
Hanna Marine Alkalinity Reagents HC - HI772-26
The HI772-26 are the replacement reagents for the Marine Alkalinity (dKH) Checker® HC - HI772 and can be used with the Marine Alkalinity Checker® HC - HI755 . These high-quality reagents are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility and are clearly...
Hanna pHep®+ Waterproof Pocket pH Tester
The HI98108 pocket pH tester features a large multi-level LCD which displays both pH and temperature readings simultaneously. The pH readings are displayed with a 0.01 pH resolution and with an accuracy of ±0.10 pH. The pH range of the...
Hanna HI7061L General Purpose Cleaning Solution (500 mL) HI7061L
Cleaning is a fast and effective routine that should be performed on a regular basis as a preventative measure against using a dirty electrode and to ensure that the junction is not clogged. By simply immersing the electrode in the...
Hanna High Range Copper Checker® HC - HI702
The HI702 Checker® HC (Handheld Colorimeter) is a simple, accurate, and cost effective way to measure high ranges of copper. Designed as a more accurate alternative to chemical test kits, the HI702 provides quick, accurate results in a few easy steps....
Fauna Marin Aquahometest NO2+NO3
AQUAHOMETEST NO2 + NO3– HIGH RESOLUTION  NITRITE/NITRATE -TESTKIT FOR SALTWATER AQUARIUMS With the high-resolution Fauna Marin Nitrite/Nitrate Test the nitrite concentration can be determined with a particularly high accuracy in the low concentration range between 0 and 1 mg/l and a nitrate concentration...
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Red Sea Magnesium Pro Test Kit
This product is part of the Red Sea Reef Care Program – Reef Foundation Program The complete Reef Care Program is the product of years of research into the physiological demands of a reef aquarium’s SPS, LPS and Soft Corals....
Fauna Marin AquaHomeTest K Refill Kit
AQUAHOMETEST K REFILL KIT POTASSIUM-TEST FOR SEAWATER-AQUARIUM Fauna Marin’s Potassium Test Kit is a new standards for the detection of potassium in saltwater aquariumsFauna Marin AquaHomeTest K is using a newly detection method which delivers extremely precise results in just...
API Nitrite Test
API Nitrite Test
Toxic Nitrite is produced by nitrifying bacteria in the biological filter as it breaks down ammonia. Reads nitrite levels from 0 to 5ppm. For fresh & saltwater use Nitrite, a major cause of fish death, is produced in the aquarium...
Hanna Glass Cuvettes and Caps for Checker® HC Colorimeters (set of 2)
If you have lost or broken the included cuvettes and caps that were included with your Hanna Checker or simply just want an extra set on hand, we carry replacements directly from Hanna. Over time the glass vials can become...
Red Sea Iodine Pro (I2) Test Kit
$74.99 $44.99
Red Sea Iodine Pro (I2) Test Kit
Red Sea’s Iodine Pro Test Kit is a unique test, measuring the level of total iodine in your reef aquarium to a high accuracy of 0.01 ppm. Iodine Pro Test Kit enables the accurate dosing of Red Sea’s Coral Colors...
$74.99 $44.99
Fauna Marin Multi Reference 100ml
With the Fauna Marin Multi-Reference Solution, you can test your test kits under accurate conditions. Our Reference Solution is the first to be based on a saltwater matrix and is quality tested using our ICP-AES testing machine. We use a...
Fauna Marin AquaHomeTest PO4 Refill Kit
AQUAHOMETEST PO4 REFILL KIT HIGH SENSITIVE PHOSPHATE-TEST FOR SEAWATER-AQUARIUM The Fauna Marin Phosphate Test is very high-resolution and can determine the phosphate concentration with a particularly high accuracy in the low concentration range between 0.01 and 1 mg/l with clear...
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Red Sea Alkalinity Pro Reagent Refill Kit
Our favourite all around test kits are the red sea kits.  With easy to follow directions, and consistent results, the Red Sea Alkalinity test kit can always be found in our testing closet.  The titration is made even easier with...
Hanna Marine LR Nitrate Reagents HC - HI781-25
Get your replacement reagents for your HI781 Marine Nitrate Low Range Colorimeter today. These high-quality reagents are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility and are clearly marked with the lot number and expiration date on each packet for traceability. Pre-made reagents for ease of use....

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