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Oceans Wonders Stainless Steel Coral Forceps
Oceans Wonders Coral Scalpel is ideal for working with specimens and small coral frags. These forceps are heavy duty and made with 410-stainless steel. With serrated points and knurled shanks, these forceps provide an excellent grip. Made from surgical grade stainless...
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Oceans Wonders Coral Stony Bone Cutter
Oceans Wonders Stony Bone Cutter feature a sharp cutting edge that minimizes crushing and damage to coral tissue. Made from surgical grade stainless steel 7/8" slightly curved jaw No wound spring to trap moisture and rust like similar cutters Great...
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Oceans Wonders Coralline Purple Reef Epoxy (56.5 oz)
Oceans Wonders CORALLINE PURPLE reef safe epoxy bonds just about anything. It is designed to be used for attaching corals to our frag mounts or live rock. Works under water or out. Very easy to use and is safe for...
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Oceans Wonders Reef Glue Gel
Reef Glue Gel is extremely thick so it may be necessary to invert the bottle upside down and tap it to move the gel adhesive to the applicator tip. Oceans Wonders Reef Glue Gel features a unique pin cap that eliminates...
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Oceans Wonders Ceramic Coral Frag Plugs (25 Pack)
Oceans Wonders Ceramic Coral Frag Plugs are perfect for the propagation or fragging of hard and soft branching corals such as Acropora, Birdsnest, Montipora, Kenya Trees, Xenia, ect. They have a 3/4" crown with a 7/16" base and fit perfectly into standard...
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Oceans Wonders Stainless Steel Soft Coral Scissors
These scissors by Oceans Wonders are great for cutting soft corals and plant leafs to keep your tank looking great. Made with rust-resistant surgical steel and hand ground for the sharpest cutting.  Features Made from surgical grade stainless steel 6”...
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