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The White Freckled Surgeon has a smooth grey body, with white spots covering its face. This species can darken its colour and when it does the spots light up. The anal fin and tail fin are also grey, the pectoral and dorsal fins have flashes of yellow. There is a pale stripe at the base of the tailfin and a spine on each side of the caudal peduncle. Care should be taken when handling as these spines erect when it is excited. This species is occasionally seen in the aquarium trade.

Breeding in captivity hasn't been reported for this species. Surgeonfish are broadcast spawners and fertilization is external. Spawning occurs in groups or pairs and the eggs and larvae are pelagic.

The White Freckled Surgeon's natural habitat is in Indo-Pacific waters. Locations include the Maldives, Andaman Sea, Philippines, Japan, and Samoa. They are usually found on reef slopes and flats, between depths of 3-15 metres.

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