About EasternMarine

Founded in Gisborne April 2017, EasternMarine Aquariums has grown to become the largest marine livestock importer in New Zealand. Our experience and relationships with major marine exporters throughout the world means our customers?enjoy a huge range of premium livestock at competitive pricing and flexible payment options.

We are proud operators of highly advanced, custom designed filter systems produced in the United Kingdom by the Tropical Marine Centre, or TMC for short. TMC has a long history of producing exceptional products that deliver some of the best filtering abilities in the world, and are used on a large variety of applications.

We are committed to providing New Zealand reefers with some of the healthiest livestock possible, at an affordable price point.?Our purpose built, state of the art quarantine facility located in New Zealand,allows us to house nearly 1200 fish and 700 coral pieces at any one time while ensuring all the livestock live in healthy, clean conditions.

In late 2017 EasternMarine expanded with the addition of a second, self-supported livestock import facility. The second import facility?has allowed us to bring even more competitive pricing to the retail market, while also ensuring we make livestock releases more frequent, with a livestock release now every 3 weeks.

In late 2019 EasternMarine Aquariums moved its operations to New Zealand’s Largest city, the city of sails, Tamaki Makaurau Auckland. Here we were able to increase our holding and grow out facilities, as well, as open a showroom to enable our customers to come in and view our range in person.