Arrive Alive Guarantee

EasternMarine are?so confident of the health of our fish, that we offer an arrive alive guarantee for all fish sent out through our same day air freight shipping method. Infact, we only ship out what we would feel comfortable putting in our own tanks!

We do this by ensuring we only ship out healthy, fat fish, that are eating a wide variety of foods. We then take extra care packaging them correctly, to ensure there is no movement within the polybox and supply the fish with plenty of oxygen for the trip, and a heat pack (or two) to keep them nice and warm until they reach their new homes.

Arrive Alive Guarantee?Terms & Conditions

It’s really important that we put some guidelines in place to ensure both you and EasternMarine are covered, just incase something goes astray.

While we do try our very best, at the end of the day, we are only human, and when dealing with live animals, things sometimes do go wrong. Therefore, it’s important that you understand what you need to do, in the event that your new purchase dies in transit.?

    • Our arrive alive guarantee is ONLY offered on livestock sent out using our same day air freight shipping method, the overnight courier shipping method is NOT covered.
    • The arrive alive guarantee does not cover?flight delays/cancellations. We will ONLY accept a claim if the original flight?routing has been completed and the flights have arrived on time (plus?or minus up to 45?minutes)
    • The customer MUST pick up the consignment from the destination airport within 1 hour of the scheduled arrival/pickup time.
    • Customers MUST alert EasternMarine Aquariums about any dead on arrival within 1 hour of the time of delivery (this will be checked if a claim is lodged)
    • All claims must be lodged using our online claim portal – found at: Customers MUST fill out the claim portal in full and provide all required information accurately.
    • If a claim is accepted you will be notified within 2 business days of the claim submission date with a coupon code, loaded with the original?amount paid for the dead item(s). You can use this coupon on livestock/products listed on our website.
    • Please DO NOT discard the deceased item without authorization. Doing so will void all guarantees.
    • A digital photograph must be submitted for any covered livestock loss.
    • We do not issue credit for shipping costs or refunds for livestock purchases.
    • Livestock credit is valid for 6 months?from the date it is issued.
    • Livestock credit may be used to replace a lost item or any against any livestock purchase.
    • Refunds are not provided as a substitute for DOA (dead on arrival)?credit.
    • Livestock listed as a Restricted?or High Risk Species are not covered.

All?Dead on Arrival Claims MUST be submitted via?