Coral reefs are some of the most delicate ecosystems on the planet, and it’s incredibly
important that we take care of them as best as we can. We understand that as importers, we have a role to play in ensuring their continued survival and growth – and we can do this by showing our commitment to sustainable practices.

Sustainably Harvested Livestock
As an importer, we have the ability to choose who we buy fish from, and do business with.
It is this type of power that allows us to ultimately do business with exporters who actively demonstrate their abilities to actively manage natural fish populations, in line with Governmental regulations, and world wide guidelines.

We are also proud to import coral that have all been aqua-cultured in premium coral growing facilities. Corals that have been aqua-cultured often have less pests, adapt better to captive life, and in turn grow faster than their wild collected counterparts.

100% Hand Caught Livestock 
We are committed to importing only livestock that have been collected by hand, using non invasive capture methods, such as with nets and by hand. Our livestock suppliers do not use cyanide to capture fish, and we ensure we have regular fish tests done, to ensure this remains the case. We strongly believe cyanide should never, ever be used to collect fish, and we will only work with suppliers who can prove that they do not use any cyanide to collect their fish.

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