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Fauna Marin Coral Balance

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Marine biopolymers in active form for nutrient regulation and stabilization in reef aquariums. Coral Balance: food, detoxification, regulation

Coral Balance is a modern nutrient regulator and metabolism accelerator, specially developed to reactivate and stabilize the natural nutrient cycle and acid regulation in reef aquariums. In particular, the phosphate degradation, which is otherwise difficult to control, is accelerated and stabilized at a low level.

With the natural power of active marine biopolymers, great results can be seen even after small doses.

Coral Balance is a coral food, nutrient carrier and water conditioner in one. Due to its unique composition, it works very quickly and effectively, accelerating the discharge of nutrients through faster coral growth and biological degradation.

After adding Coral Balance, the corals develop a natural protective film, stronger colors and a natural shine.

Coral Balance supplies your corals with dissolved and particulate feed and carries important nutrients and minerals directly into the coral. Through the addition of natural biopolymers and marine organic raw materials, the water is enriched and the acid regulation is supported and thus also has a supportive effect against typical problem cases.

Coral Balance

    • massively increases coral growth
    • significant increase in polyp expansion and color depth
    • reduces the Po4 content sustainably and permanently
    • stabilizes the acid regulation in the reef aquarium
    • increases the resistance of the corals
    • effective coral food that does not add nutrients.
    • brings crystal clear water
    • reduces unwanted trace elements, color and pollutants
    • effectively removes unsightly deposits
    • strengthens the skimmer performance and reduces nutrient depots

The cloudiness of the aquarium water that occurs after dosing is harmless and should disappear within 3 – 5 hours.


Standard dosage:

1 measuring spoon per 100 liters of water every 4 days

Mix well with aquarium water beforehand and then pour into the direct current.

For aquariums older than 2 years or with Po4 values ??higher than 0.15mg / l, a 50% dosage is recommended.

Note: When you use Coral Balance for the first time, start with a 25% dosage and increase it by 25% every month.

A measuring spoon corresponds to about 1 half teaspoon per 100 liters of aquarium content. 

The active ingredients are very powerful in their effect. Please pay attention to an exact dosage.

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