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Fauna Marin Ocean Plankton

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Purchase this item and get 14 EMA Points



100% NATURAL OCEAN PLANKTON is pure Calanus Plankton freshly catched and immediately conserved from the norwegian north atlantic Ocean.

  • High quality food for fish and corals
  • easy handling and dosing
  • no defrosting – immediate feeding
  • highly concentrated and efficient
  • contains natural enzymes and fatty acids
  • enhances coloration, growth and resistance

Dosing recommendation:

Feed daily in small amounts. Store in the fridge after opening.


Calanus finmarchicus 0,5 – 1.0 mm, water, EC-approved antioxidants analysis (values based on dry weight): raw protein 72,4%, raw fat 12,8%, fibre 2%, ash 1,2%, Carotinoide min. 1000 mg

Safety Notes:

Only for the application as food in aquariums. Not for human consumption. Keep away from children.

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