Red Sea Coral Reef Sea Salt

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Double Points May - Purchase this item and get 11-31 EMA Points

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Great news – Red Sea Salts have become even better! 

With the higher dissolvability of our new & improved formula, there is no need to schedule your mixing in advance, as it now takes only 20 minutes from bucket to tank!

Red Sea Reef Sea Salt provides the parameters of NSW with a slightly elevated KH. Ideal for SPS Dominant, UNLS & Marine Fish tanks

Red Sea Salt is designed to provide the exact parameters of tropical reef water with a slightly elevated alkalinity as needed in a closed marine system.

Red Sea salt is ideal for fish and invertebrate systems or for low-nutrient tanks where the hobbyist supplements all of the individual elements on a regular basis.

All-natural Eco-friendly harvesting from the waters of the exotic Red Sea
Biologically balanced levels of foundation elements
Full complement of trace elements
Guaranteed parameters for 10 liter / 2.5 gal mix.
No nitrates or phosphates (algae nutrients)
No toxic levels of Heavy Metals
No chemical binders
Low moisture content
Red Sea Salt will produce stable seawater with a pH of 8.2 – 8.5.
Parameters are based on dry salt mixed with RO water

s.g. Salinity Calcium Qty of Salt
1.021 30.6 ppt 420 ppm 33.4 g/l 1.4 lb/5 US gal
1.023 32.8 ppt 450 ppm 35.8 g/l1.5 lb/5 US gal
1.025 35.0 ppt 480 ppm 38.2 g/l1.6 lb/5 US gal

Weight 1 kg

22kg Bucket, 7kg Bucket

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