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Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Multi Test Kit (Kh, Ca, Mg)

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This product is part of the Red Sea Reef Care Program ? Reef Foundation Program

The complete Reef Care Program is the product of years of research into the physiological demands of a reef aquarium?s SPS, LPS and Soft Corals. The program is divided into 4 distinct, but complementary, sub-programs according to biological process

Reef Foundation Program: This program provides you with biologically balanced levels of foundation elements (Calcium, Carbonates and Magnesium), and ensures optimal water conditions for a sustainable, vibrant coral reef.

  • Advanced titration accurately tests for reef calcium, alkalinity and magnesium
  • Test reef aquariums regularly to ensure proper supplementation
  • Outstanding value for new and experienced reef aquarium hobbyists

Comprehensive test kit measures three fundamental elements required for coral health. Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Multi Test Kit takes a fresh approach to greater testing convenience and accuracy. Included Red Sea Calcium Pro, KH/Alkalinity Pro and Magnesium Pro Tests are packaged together at an outstanding value. New and experienced reef hobbyists alike can enjoy this precision test kit that simplifies the titration (color change) testing method with an easy-to-use, single hand titrator.

Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Multi Test Kit contains three tests selected specifically to accurately measure chemical elements associated with proper marine water chemistry AND coral growth. Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg) and Carbonates (CO3) has a major effect on pH stability and alkalinity. These elements also need to be available in balanced proportions for healthy growth of coral skeletons.

Included quick guide walks you through the testing process with simple, easy-to-understand illustrations. Reverse features a chart that displays test results. Routine testing with Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Multi Test Kit is crucial to the health and success of any coral reef aquarium housing SPS, LPS and Soft Corals, especially those on a supplementation regimen.

Test ? Calcium Pro
Accuracy ? ± 2.5 ppm
Range ? 0-0.09 ppm
Test Type ? Colorimetric
Number of Tests ? 75

Test ? KH/Alkalinity Pro
Accuracy- ± 0.025 meq/l
Range ? 150-450 ppm
Test Type ? Titration
Number of Tests ? 75

Test ? Magnesium Pro
Accuracy ? ± 10 ppm
Range ? 0-0.09 ppm
Test type ? Colorimetric
Number of Tests ? 100

Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Multi Test Kit Contents:

Titrator (3 Syringe 1 ml)
Instruction Manual
3 Color Cards
Syringe 10ml
Calcium Reagent A ? 25ml
Calcium Reagent B ? 12g
Calcium Reagent C ? 60ml
Alkalinity Reagent ? 60ml
Magnesium Reagent A ? 15ml
Magnesium Reagent B ? 15ml
Magnesium Reagent C ? 60ml


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