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Red Sea Reefer DC Skimmer Upgrade Kit

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Unlock a new level of efficiency and intelligence for your saltwater aquarium with the Reefer DC Skimmer Pump Upgrade Kit. If you currently own a regular AC pump Reefer Skimmer, this kit offers a seamless transformation into a smart DC skimmer, packed with features designed to elevate your aquarium’s filtration game.

Why Upgrade?

Self-Leveling Technology: Say goodbye to skimmer overflows forever. Red Sea’s innovative sensor monitors foam wetness and waste levels, activating the Self-Leveling feature when necessary. This intelligent system adjusts pump intensity in real time, preventing over-skimming and messy overflows. Unlike basic float switch systems, the Reefer DC Skimmer maintains water oxygenation while still preventing a messy overflow situation.

Connects to the ReefBeat Eco-System: Seamlessly integrate your Reefer DC skimmer with the ReefBeat app. Take full control and monitor your skimmer’s status from your phone. Sync with other ReefBeat connected gear to automate routines and set quick actions, so your equipment works together in perfect harmony.

What’s Included?

PSK-DC 1200 pump
Skim Sensor
Controller Cable
Universal Power Supply
AC power cable
Reefer Skimmer Lid (for skim sensor)
Instruction manual

 Requires the Red Sea ReefRun Controller to function.

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