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Regen FX

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 Regen FX is a simple solution for regenerating Blue Life USA?s Blue Fx Regenerable Resin product line.

  • For use with Blue Life regenerable resins
  • Allows for repeat use of Blue Life resins
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe to use
  • Completely natural, saline based

Adding the full contents of Regen Fx into 2 litres of RO (Reverse Osmosis) water, or other clean drinking water type, gives you the proper solution to use when regenerating any of the regenerable resins that are offered by Blue Life USA: Phos FxNitrate FxOrganic Fx, and Softener Fx.

Once Regen Fx is diluted into 2 litres of water, it takes only 4 hours, or for best results, allow bags of Fx resins to be soaked overnight, and they are renewed to be used again.

Regen Fx is totally safe and non-toxic to use. Being a saline-based product, it can dry out sensitive skin. It is recommended to avoid long contact or wash hands after each contact and use a hand lotion to avoid developing dry skin.

When soaking Fx resins, it is recommended to massage the resin bag often to make sure all resins inside the bag are exposed to the water contact which ensures a good rinsing.

Each Regen Fx is best for a one time use and can be easily disposed of without any concern

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