Seachem Aquarium Fish Net Coarse

Purchase this item and get 3-4 EMA Points
Purchase this item and get 3-4 EMA Points




Aquarium Fish Net Coarse. Rust proof. Super strong nylon net. Flexible. Gentle on fish. PVC encased handle.Great for catching fish, removing debris, uneaten food, plant leaves.

Variety of sizes available.

When catching fish it can be easier to use 2 nets rather then one, the quicker you catch the fish the less stressful it is for them. When doing a 20% water change you do not need to remove the fish if you use one of the gravel cleaning devices available.

Some frozen foods can be washed in a net first for cleaner feeding which can result in less phosphates & nitrates in your water which can leed to algae issues. Nitrates can also be harmful to fish making them more vulnerable to disease & infection

A fishnet made to Seachem?s renowned high standards!

Standard handle lengths are 30cm and the long handles are 45cm. Choose a fine mesh option for more delicate species.

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